We Custom-Make Everything for You

Why are we different than other Quinceanera designers?

Because we custom-make everything for you…

We make everything for your Quinceanera party or special event right here in Los Angeles, with our hands and creative vision.

Instead of buying and choosing Quinceanera dresses and accessories that are mass-produced in factories in China or Mexico, why not have everything in your Quinceanera custom-made especially for you in our downtown L.A. fashion studio, and at a price that your family can afford?

You tell us your ideas, choose what you want, and we create the Quinceanera of your dreams that will be different and more unique than anyone else’s Quinceanera.

Fancy but Affordable: We Work with YOUR budget

Even though everything we make is custom-made in Los Angeles, and looks like a million dollars, we work with every and all budgets to make your Quinceanera the most special and beautiful for you…

Stop in our downtown Los Angeles fashion studio, and receive a free consultation about how we can help you create a Quinceanera of your dreams. Our goal is to make you happy, to create a Quinceanera that you will remember for a lifetime, and to work within your budget.

Many Latinas tell me that they could not find any pre-made Quinceanera dresses that fit them and make them look beautiful, but that our custom-made dresses fit them perfectly and make them feel special.

I want to offer you a free Quinceanera consultation in our downtown Los Angeles Fashion studio. I want to hear your ideas for what you want in your Quinceanera, and then I will show you samples of the beautiful and different things that we have created for other Latinas.

Why We are Different

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime Quinceanera, then choose a one-of-a-kind Quinceanera Fashion Designer.

We are different because:

1) We hand-make custom dresses and accessories, in Los Angeles, in our fashion studio. Most Quinceanera companies import cheaply made factory dresses and accessories from China and Mexico.

2) Our founder and main Fashion Designer is from Europe, and she combines Latin traditions with modern European style.

3) We care about you, listen to what you want, and do everything we can to help you receive the Quinceanera of your dreams.